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Aid in Family Mediation Services

"...Our mediators have trained and are accredited with the UK College of Mediators and the National Family Mediation (NFM)..."

Who are we?


Aid in Family Mediation is a private service which was created and funded early 2014. Our mediators have trained with the UK College of Mediators and the National Family Mediation (NFM). We are affiliated with the NFM and the Family Mediation Association (FMA) respectively.

Bernardina Selemane is a family mediator trained to deal with child issues, financial matters and she is also qualified to talk directly with children.


Bernardina first trained and qualified as a Community Mediator in 2002. Bernardina then trained and worked with young people ages 16 to 18 and mediated between them and their parents. She then moved on to train as a family mediator and gained her qualification as a Family Mediator in 2005.


Bernardina has been involved and is currently working in mediation and has worked for several different mediation services over a period twelve years. The involvement and background in the practice has given Bernardina a great understanding of the different and wider communities.


Bernardina is bi-lingual and offers services in both English and Portuguese.


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