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Aid in Family Mediation Services

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What we have to offer.


Aid in Family Mediation Service aims to offer all people effective and professional mediation in the South East London area. Mediation sessions are for people who are looking to resolve disputes following a seperation or divorce. The process is voluntary and confidential. This minimises the level of conflit and distress affecting all people involved. We look at:

  • Contact arrangements and parenting plan.
  • Division of property and finances.
  • Assests and liabilities.
  • Child consultations.

Mediation takes place in three steps:

  • The Assesment Meeting - Both people are talked to individually to asses the issues.
  • Mediation Sessions - The issues identified in the assesment meeting will then be jointly discussed.
  • Finalising Mediation - Any agreed proposals will be finalised and undertaken.


Due to several factors such as time, personnele involved and forms to be filled mediation usually takes less time and is more cost effective than litigation.

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